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9 Ekim Worldwide Movers


Starting its operation in 1994 9ekim Worldwide Movers specializes and is an expert in international moving of customers’ personal belongings.

Depending on the destination country, the transportation is made by land, air or sea (container).

Packing of goods, customs clearance and inbound transportation in Turkey, if necessary, are done by 9ekim, using no assistance of any other carrier. Storage and inbound logistics of household goods services in the destination country are provided by our partners, internationally accredited moving companies. So, using such path of transportation personal furnishings of clients are carried by reliable and experienced companies from start till the end.

Due diligence shown by 9ekim in the process of household goods movig brought us an image of a trusted business partner. Human resources department representatives choose us delivering to 9ekim the moving services of foreign personnel, especially CEOs, high-level directors, considering us an expert in this field.

Our company is listed in the registry of American Consulate in Istanbul as a moving partner, being a preferred mover of NATO soldiers logistics and international transportation of diplomats personal belongings.

Foreign personnel (expatriates), Turkish citizens, who leave the country or come back for permanent residence, diplomats and attachés all are the customers of 9ekim International Transportation of Household Goods Door to Door Company.

Last but not least, one more services we provide is international transportation of automobiles. From anywhere 9ekim transports the vehicles of customers, which is one more field where we are really professionals.

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